Tuesday, October 09, 2007


2007, being a KENYAN election year, Our community has not been left out without our share of the campaigns.

As you know, many guys from NEP tend to judge things according to Mandera, Wajir and Garissa, it has become a fact that NEP has various somali clans, notable among them, The Murules, Degodia, Ogaden and others.Having said that, from time to time, everyone tend to go back to drawing boards about matters related to his/her community if issues crop up and need clarification.

Many bloggers and political scientists who own websites, blogs or are affiliated to various FM stations spiralling across KENYA need to address issues they have well researched upon.See this


I was caught up my attention on some issues that needs some clarification pitting the incumbent MP for Mandera East, Shaaban Ali Issack on a competition with his rivals and I have this to say to the editors and others who may be caught up into those issues.

1. Before writing issues on your website(hoping to serve different communities of NEP), which can be one sided or trying to judge someone, ask the residents of the area instead of relying on rumors or ‘hearsays’ of people who have nothing to do with that particular community.

2. You must ask area residents to advice you how the particular clan normally elects someone to the parliament. There may be criteria’s, consensus or whatever means set by the clan and one who meets will be elected. Am saying this, owing to underground arrangements from the entire Clan on who will go for the ticket.

Failure to adhere to that normally backfires as in the case of 2002 Kenya Elections in which someone failed to hear the community, seeking to unseat Shaaban and the community decided otherwise.

3. Attempts to portray Kenya Somali clans as having same visions and aspirations are different. Whereas one clan from NEP can decide to work with the USA government in various ways, others can work with Alqaeda and vice-versa. We are at liberty with our conscience and hopes of our people.so don't take anyone for granted.

4. Some surrounding communities like the Garres have some pending issues with us as stated in the article, but to rely on their statements will surely make you guys look very cheap and one sided. They may be supporting someone and portraying him as having clout, while it is different when it comes to the entire community itself.

5. You need to know the clan well.In the said article, The editor failed to mention Yabarsein, representing almost 70% of all Murule from kenya which also happens to be the Incumbent’s family and knowing their plans/decisions.

6. Parties do not dictate how we elect our leaders for various clans. Our Murule clan doesn’t care which party the incumbent is running for. He can be in the worst RAP-KENYA or the new PANUA or PANA or whatever you may call it. But if the community decides, so be it.

7. While one needs or can gain much from other Murule websites or blogs, like, http://muruleonline.blogspot.com/ , or from accredited resource like the http://www.wikipedia.com/ , further research has to be done before editing issues which can be one-sided.

8. This year, The Murule community including the 70% Yabarsein together with Kuulow and Nacabsor in addition to the Garres, Some Marehan and Corner tribes(Some Sheikhaal and the likes) have unanimously decided to throw their weight for the last time in favour of the Assistant Minister for Urban Authorities, Hon Shaaban Ali Issack and there is no turning back.